Garden Makeover

We were contacted by a landlord who was letting out his property but needed a garden makeover.

The before photos show that the garden was well overgrown and the old lawn had died due to neglect.

We cut back all the overgrown trees and hedging.

Rotovated and cleared away the remnants of the old lawn.

Supplied and put down new turf.

The most important aspect in putting down new lawns at this time of year is to make sure they are watered at least twice per day – preferably first thing in the morning and in the evening.

Ideally you should give the lawn approximately 3 to 4 weeks before its first cut (on a high mower setting).

The landlord was very pleased and informed me that his clients were going to move in at the weekend.

The gallery photos also show the finished results from our work at the school last week.

Bedding plants for school

We took a phone call from the Maintenance Department of a school that we maintain in Leeds.

The planters outside the offices needed attention.

Seasonal bedding plants are now in short supply.

We used the last of our stock plus we were lucky to find additional stock.

The photos show the before and after results.

Our advice is to plan ahead as bedding plants are snapped up quickly.

If you want to mass plant with one variety it becomes difficult as there are only oddments left.

While we were there we were shown an area that is no longer in everyday use and has become overgrown.

The photos show the area as it is now.  Our next blog will show the finished work.

Industrial Garden Makeover


We have just received the order to take over the regular grounds maintenance of the care home.


Following this we were contacted by an existing client whose previous Head Office has been on the market and recently sold.

They asked for a makeover as the contracts were being exchanged Friday 27th June.

The photos show before and after work.

The client was very pleased with our quick response as the grounds needed to be up to standard prior to exchange.

We have noticed that given previous wet weather and now a dry spell, hedges and shrubs have really shot up very quickly.

Our teams are paying particular attention to cutting back hedges and shrubs


Chris who is in charge of maintaining the razor sharp edges of our cutting equipment is working overtime!

Care home garden

We were contacted by the care home on Wednesday of last week to undertake grounds maintenance.

Inspected the site on Thursday and noted the garden had been neglected for some time.

The new manager was determined to get the site back up to an acceptable standard urgently.

We e-mailed the quote in the evening.

The order to proceed was received on the 10th and we completed the work on the 13th.

Our first task was to collect all the litter and bag it up for safe disposal.

We then strimmed and cut back all overgrown vegetation to the block paving and shrub beds;

applied proprietary weedkiller where necessary;

cut and strimmed the grassed areas;

cut back all shrubs and hedges.

All debris was collected and taken off site for safe disposal.

As you can see from the before and after photos, the site now looks a lot better.

On completion of the work we were informed that we have been awarded the landscape maintenance contract for the remainder of the season.


Prospect Homes, Glossop

Started this project end of March.  We are now on to our seventh plot with the last back garden ready for turfing next week.

Have also been asked to plant out the show house and expect this to be completed on time.

In March we were planting bare root trees but now we are in the summer season we are planting container grown trees but even these will need plenty of watering during dry spells until they have established.