Creating low maintenance scheme

Were called in by one of our regular customers to take out old shrubs and tree roots.

They had budget constraints and required an area to be free of trip hazards and pleasing to the eye.

We quoted to take out old tired shrubs and roots.  We then put down weed suppressant matting.

We had Cotswold limestone chippings delivered to site and put them down where required to complete.

We used our mini digger to dig out the roots and old shrubbery.

This was a large site so we have added a few before and after photos.



Winter Work

We have been extremely busy over winter.

Unfortunately our early winter work photos were taken along with the camera when our van was broken into.

A recent job includes tree pruning at a retirement home.

Photos show tree on completion of the work (using new camera).

Autumn Work

We were called in by one of our clients.

The trees in one of their rental properties had outgrown the garden and were causing a nuisance to the tenants and neighbours.

We reduced the height of 5 trees.

We work closely with Proclean Access, their platforms have narrow tracks making them ideal for small gardens.

As autumn is here we are now geared up for leaf collection.

The weather forecast is for strong winds and we expect to be kept busy leaf collecting and removing any fallen branches.


Solution to no access problem

We were contacted by residents from a new build property.  The only access to their back garden was through the house.

They wanted their back garden to be easy to maintain at a reasonable cost.

Our suggestion was to put down gravel.

We took great care – furniture had to be moved protective sheeting was put down as all materials had to be taken through the house.

We initially applied proprietary weedkiller.

We returned and installed tanalised wooden edging, weed suppressant matting and then laid golden gravel to complete.

The residents were delighted as the interior of their property was kept clean and not

damaged in any way, the solution was within their budget and would be easy to maintain.

Children’s Nursery

We were called in by a children’s nursery in Leeds who required overgrown shrubs, trees and hedges to be cut back.

Their biggest problem was that overgrown trees and shrubs were interfering with their security sensors.

We cut down to ground level any shrubs or trees that were creating a problem.

We cut and shaped the willow domes around the children’s play area.

The boundary hedge was given particular attention, cutting it to the level of the security fence.

Once the work was completed, the security sensors were fully visible.

The children’s play area had a lot more light and looked less enclosed.