Children’s Nursery

We were called in by a children’s nursery in Leeds who required overgrown shrubs, trees and hedges to be cut back.

Their biggest problem was that overgrown trees and shrubs were interfering with their security sensors.

We cut down to ground level any shrubs or trees that were creating a problem.

We cut and shaped the willow domes around the children’s play area.

The boundary hedge was given particular attention, cutting it to the level of the security fence.

Once the work was completed, the security sensors were fully visible.

The children’s play area had a lot more light and looked less enclosed.

Garden Makeover

We were contacted by a landlord who was letting out his property but needed a garden makeover.

The before photos show that the garden was well overgrown and the old lawn had died due to neglect.

We cut back all the overgrown trees and hedging.

Rotovated and cleared away the remnants of the old lawn.

Supplied and put down new turf.

The most important aspect in putting down new lawns at this time of year is to make sure they are watered at least twice per day – preferably first thing in the morning and in the evening.

Ideally you should give the lawn approximately 3 to 4 weeks before its first cut (on a high mower setting).

The landlord was very pleased and informed me that his clients were going to move in at the weekend.

The gallery photos also show the finished results from our work at the school last week.

Bedding plants for school

We took a phone call from the Maintenance Department of a school that we maintain in Leeds.

The planters outside the offices needed attention.

Seasonal bedding plants are now in short supply.

We used the last of our stock plus we were lucky to find additional stock.

The photos show the before and after results.

Our advice is to plan ahead as bedding plants are snapped up quickly.

If you want to mass plant with one variety it becomes difficult as there are only oddments left.

While we were there we were shown an area that is no longer in everyday use and has become overgrown.

The photos show the area as it is now.  Our next blog will show the finished work.